Position of Oar Collars

I recently finished a NED build and am a little stumped as to where the oar leathers might best go. I currently only have one set of oars and it would be great to use them both in the center position when solo and in the aft position for when my partner is with me. Obviously, being fixed in place with brass brads, regular adjusting is not in the cards.

Have other folks placed these in such a way as to make them adaptable for both positions? 

Suppose I could just buy some cheap plastic or rubber collars that could set with set screws. 

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RE: Position of Oar Collars

   I have 8’ and 8.5’ oars. Collars on 8 footers are 23.5 inches from tip of handle. For the 8.5 footers it’s 25”. I use them interchangeably at all positions. I try to keep the collars inboard of the locks a little, especially for tandem rowing. It takes a bit of practice to keep the collars off of the oarlocks.

RE: Position of Oar Collars

Thanks for the reply, Silver Salt. I ended up going with roughly the 25" fit on our 8.5' oars. We've put it through some good paces by now and it is working out well for us. 

When loaded with gear in the front and two people / dog in the back, we've found the middle oar position works equally well as when solo, so we haven't yet found the need to deviate from that position. 

Overall, the NED is proving to be both a great little daysailor and a solid expedition dinghy. 

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