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OK, so my wife tried a friend's plastic SUP this weekend and really enjoyed it, even though she never got past the kneeling position to standing.  It was one of the pretty standard 10' plastic ones.  I know from a Sassafras and Skerry how strong and light the CLC epoxy/ply designs are.  And was a bit surprised at the high prices on decent looking plastic SUPs.  

So, for a woman in, well her 50s, with a reasonable fitness level (lots of yoga and figure skating) but zero experience w/ these things, who's a pretty solid 150 lbs, is the Kaholo 12-6 or the 14 a better bet.  It looks like either will be significantly lighter that most of the plastic boards.  Stability, ease of carry and ease of paddling in calmish waters, no surfing, are the important criteria.  She does have a shoulder that she sprained years ago which acts up, so I'm thinking the ease of paddling and light weight are key. The size guidance on the product page puts her in that middle ground overlap of the two sizes.  Opinions anybody?

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RE: Kaholo choice for novice

Might be worth a call to CLC and talking to Nicky about it. Besides being CLC's Sales Manager, she's also a rowing and SUP instructor and coach.



RE: Kaholo choice for novice

First off, the Kaholo is very fast compared to a plastic SUP.  I built a 14 foot thinking I would use it.  I’m 6’4” and 230 lbs.  my wife is 5’6” and maybe 130lbs and 52 years old. She rides it all the time and favors having our two english Springer Spaniels ride along.  It keeps the center of gravity lower.  My daughter is 5’9” and I’d guess 150 lbs.  She is really fast, we paddled over the weekend and she was faster on the kaholo than a friend in a store bought kayak.  The 14 foot is fine for all weights and ages.  I’m sure it’s a little harder to turn.  We are going on the Mississippi River so don’t turn much.  The 14 really tracks straight too.  Its so well loved, that I need to build another one.  I don’t think a 12.5 would add much for us.

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