how to remove varnish?


I want to remove varnish from 10 yr old C16. Itried wet sanding but can't tell varnish surface from epoxy. I don't get a soapy mix as suggested, just a whiteish powdery water mix.   Is there a varnish stripper and process I could use? I'm concerned with damaging the expoxy/glass layer.



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RE: how to remove varnish?

   Are you removing the old finish just to rejuvenate the look, or do you need to do something structural, i.e. have new epoxy bind to the old surface?

RE: how to remove varnish?

Hi Bob,

I want new epoxy to bind to the old surface at the bow and stern areas. Otherwise I now think I should just add a few coats of captain’s varnish to the bottom panels.  Since the surfaces are dry I think it wise to seal them before I put it in the water.  Would you agree?  Any helpful thoughts /suggestions will be appreciated.

I just bought the older kayak which sat under a tarp outside for perhaps 10 years. The bottom 2 panels have a lot of scratches and a few 2 to 3" circular areas without varnish with exposed glass weave. I mainly want to seal exposed fiberglass weave.

Also the fiberglass on stems in both ends, bow and stern, have been abraded off, exposing about a 3 inch strip of bare wood.

On review I think I should put on a few coats of Captain’s varnish except at the bow and stern areas which I’ll reglass with patches about 3” by 1” with epoxy.  I would like to remove the varnish locally in these ends, so I can bond to epoxy.


Thanks Chris

RE: how to remove varnish?

   Here is a way that Nick Shade did it on one of his s&g Petrel Plays.......

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