EP carry electric outboard

Anyone have first hand experience with one?  I was checking them out at the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend this this past weekend.  Specifically interested in putting one on a passagemaker (which hasn't even been ordered yet - so I'm open to suggestions).

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RE: EP carry electric outboard

No experience with that particular motor.  The price tag was about the end of the research on that one.

My son wanted to "electrify" our Passagemaker, but we didn't have that kind of money.  We found a Watersnake 54# thrust saltwater trolling motor on sale at Walmart.  It had a ridiculously long (42" ?) shaft, which we shortened, and it has worked out splendidly.  The shaft is some sort of composite material.  I think there are versions out there with shorter shafts, which would have saved us some trouble.  We also upsized the wiring from the battery to the motor to cut down on the resistance.

My son uses it more than I do.  I like to row.  His bride likes to lounge forward while he quietly sneaks up on waterbirds.  Runs at 2+ knots all afternoon off a group 27 battery in a battery box strapped to one side of the daggerboard trunk.  Topped out at about 4 knots, if memory serves.

We were concerned that the motor would prove to be "too cheap," (Minkota, I've heard of.  Watersnake?) but the reviews of it were very good, so we took the leap and came up smelling like roses.


RE: EP carry electric outboard

I used a Minn Kota and a PWC battery on my Eastport pram.  It gave us about an hour trolling around Green Lake.  The Passagemaker can handle a much bigger battery.  I also have a Honda 2.3hp.

RE: EP carry electric outboard

   In Floridia that would be adding a "mechanical propulsion" and require registration of the boat.

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