Another Duck hits the water

My first duck has finally hit the water, It's been ready for the past few weeks but temperature kept going up and down... But today was a perfect day for a maiden voyage; 80 degrees, light breeze, no other boats to compete with (lake is no wake as its flooded again...)

Paddles great and even had to stop by a few docks to show her off to some neighbors. - Second duck shouldn't too much further behind.


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RE: Another Duck hits the water

Congratulations! FYI - the sharp end goes forward :-)

Seriously, it looks real nice. I'm always happy to see another Duck hit the water.

As far as glassing the entire interior, the only time I was really glad to have it was when I was caught in the chaotic zone off the Naval Academy seawall during a small craft advisiory and the hull was actually flexing. Stay in sane weather conditions and you'll be fine. You were absolutely right - you would have run short. I bought extra glass and epoxy to be able to do the interior glassing.

(On a slightly different note, the only time I ever regretted not conpletely glassing the interior of a boat was when we put a catfish in my wife's 16LT's rear compatment. He flopped all the way to the back and dug his spines into the plywood. It took over an hour to get him out.)

So welcome to the fleet and I'm sure you'll be enjoying yourself. Well done,




RE: Another Duck hits the water

congrats on the maiden voyage. she is a fine looking ship.

it does feel good to get the ducks feet wet. we took the entire fleet out yesterday (WD-12 and MC-16). the water was like glass and it was a perfect day for a paddle with the family.

i was able to fly around in the WD it is so much fun to paddle, and the kids are able to enjoy it as well.

it was also decided by the family unit that Dad, should build another WD-12. so yeah for me.




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