Arctic Hawk Medium Hardner

for Epoxy Fillets and initial tacking, the manual calls for medium Hardener. The kit includes a small bottle of fast Hardener and a small bottle of slow Hardener.

My question is do I use 1 pump fast and 1 pump slow to get Medium Hardener , or just go with the Fast Hardener for fillets?

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RE: Arctic Hawk Medium Hardner

Hi Sandyway, 

in general, you never mix different types of hardners together.  pick one or the other.  but i am curious what epoxy kit you got?  what brand of epoxy is it?....i am not aware of them typically having a package that includes fast and medium.   did you call CLC to confirm you got the right mix?

fwiw, i always use the slowest recipes i can find (slow hardeners).   slow is not really all that slow and having the time to work is pretty precious.

i have also built the Arctic Hawk....and it is a beautiful boat.   you can do the whole thing with slow hardener.  given the nature of the Arctic Hawk and that they look best would want to have time to take your time.


RE: Arctic Hawk Medium Hardner

System Three epoxies allow you to mix fast and slow to make medium. This is true for their original and Silvertip products.

MAS sells a non-blushing slow hardener that they say "...can be paired with our LV Resin or FLAG Resin and mixed with the 2:1 Medium Hardener and/or Fast Hardener"

Looking at the MAS page, the packaging looks different that what CLC sells, but the description seems the same. I'd give CLC a call and verify the compatibility of what they sell and MAS LV and FLAG before any mixing.



RE: Arctic Hawk Medium Hardner

   I contacted CLC and my suspicion was correct. I am not sure if this is normally what the Arctic Hawk kit contains. Possibly they were out of Medium Hardener. Just as long as the 2 to 1 ratio is maintained between Epoxy and Hardener, the Slow and Fast Hardeners can be mixed equally to make Medium. 

I have been using this method and it works well. In fact, with some of the fillets, when I wanted a little more time, I would use 2 Pumps Slow Hardener and 1 Fast Hardener, always pumping Epoxy then 1 pump Hardener, then back to 1 pump Epoxy. As long as you alternate 1 pump Epoxy, then 1 pump Hardener, regardless of Fast or Slow, this has been working  for me. Thanks for your help again Howard and Laszlo


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