Arctic Hawk Deck

i am trying to keep the dimensions specified in the manual across the gunwales, but I am running into a problem. Some of the locations require pulling the gunwales together instead of spreading them apart. I have decided that, if necessary I will use copper wire to pull these two locations in if necessary. I am just wondering if anyone else ran into the same problem. When I spread the stern location to 10-3/8", the next location of 17-7/16" needs to be pulled in. Also the Bow spread of 9-3/4" has to be pulled in, to obtain the correct distance. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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RE: Arctic Hawk Deck

the short answer is yes, had the same problem.

the arctic hawk is pretty 'fish form' and curvaceuous.....unlike the shearwaters or chesapeake series, you have reverse cuves in the bow and is not like a convex lens.

so in a nutshell, the hull will not natually 'pop' into its design shape without a bit of coaxing with spreaders to push panels apart of duct tape to pull the sides in a bit..

i had not thought of copper as an approach for pulling sides in becuase i was not interrested in making any more holes than i needed to. duct tape worked just fine.

it is important when you do this that you make sure your curves are fair....should not be a problem but its a hassle once you glue up the hull to find out you have it wrong.

all the best, its an incedibly beuatiful boat.



RE: Arctic Hawk Deck

   Thanks Howard. I hadn't thought of using duct tape to pull it in.My biggest worry was that I had done something wrong earlier in the building process, and that was why I was running into this problem. It feels good to find out this may be a common problem. The manual seems to be so detailed, and yet I don't see any reference to dealing with this. 

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