First timer.

�Time to rock and roll!. My kit is coming on Tuesday. I spent last couple of weeks surf around this site and putting together a work space for build. ( a free bay in my garage) I'm all set up for the first few steps and thanks to this site feeling confident getting started. Once I figure out how to post a picture, I will! Jimmy skiff II, penciled in launch date, Memorial day weekend, 2020..

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RE: First timer.


The Building part is just as much fun as having a beautiful

wooden boat that floats!

I just finished a Passagemaker...had the best time ever! 

RE: First timer.

���Nice! Thanks. I keep seeing the finished product in my head. Me and my 5 yr old son rigging up ( me rigging, son jacked up asking 6k questions!) But getting out, having an adventure. I know it's the journey not the destination and I need to stay focused on the temperature in my garage for now!

RE: First timer.

  Congratulations.  I build a slightly larger skiff a couple of years ago and love it.  My biggest advise for a new builder is to NOT set a launch date.  Just build the boat and it will be done when it is done.  When you set a date and try to work to a schedule, the temptation to cut corners is too high.


RE: First timer.

���Wow, that is a gorgeous boat! I hear you about the date, that's why I said penciled in. I really just wanted to make an official record of the start. Something to look back on when it's actually ready to get wet. Thanks for the picture! Sean

RE: First timer.

Hey Mac62, congrats on your project!  That's a great boat.  I have taken my 5 year old son out many times and have already had a couple of pirate-themed birthday parties at the local lake (I have a ton of small life jackets).  Enjoy your build and keep us posted on your progress.  Good luck with getting it done by Memorial Day.

Hey Jraggedy, congrats on the PM!  I just put the cover on mine to keep out the rain here in Seattle.

RE: First timer.

���Thanks Captain, will do. Packages arrived undamaged today. Here when I got home from work. No time to unpack probably until Saturday AM. Ahhh. Patience patience!

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