Winter Storage Tips?

What does everyone do for winter boat storage? I've got a Northeaster Dory on a trailer in my one car garage. Works well 3 seasons of the year for keeping it out of the elements, and easy to haul off ot the nearest body of water. 

With winter quickly approaching, the boat is getting kicked out so we can keep the car in the garage during snow storms. 

The easiest option would be to roll the boat/trailer into the back yard and throw a tarp over her. Or should I just flip it upside down? I'm just moderately concerned about any damage from the winter elements. Is there any legitimacy to that concern? The boat has plenty of imperfections, but I'd like to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear that is caused by winter weather - rather than actual fun on the water. 

The more complicated option would be to haul her back into the basement where she was built. This would require inviting friends over to help, and moving around a ton of stuff that is currently taking up the space that the boat previously did. 

Tips? Horror stories? 


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RE: Winter Storage Tips?

   Our dinghies and other small boats just get turned over and placed either on saw horses or back onto the trailer if possible, then tarped. Come Spring, it's a simple matter to get them ready for the water unless we've got repairs still to do. Caveat- watch out for critters who might want to curl up for a winter's nap nice and dry.

RE: Winter Storage Tips?

  Same recommendation as jn1.  Maybe throw a couple of boards across the trailer if needed for support, flip her over, then add the tarp for UV/dirt protection.  Tie down well enough that the wind can't flip her.

Right side up, even with a tarp, even if you have a drain hole, is definitely NOT the best.  Tarps WILL leak, drain holes can become clogged, and then you've got perhaps the biggest killer of any wooden boat - standing water, especially standing water that freezes and thaws.  I've seen the transoms blow out of even aluminum and fiberglass boats that were carrying a foot of water in the after portion of the boat, after the water froze. 

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