Wood Duck carry handles

To secure bow and stern carry handles to my Wood Duck kayaks, I attached four 1.5" x 1.5" x 1" thick wood blocks to the underside of the deck before attaching it to the hull.  I drilled pilot holes in the deck where I wanted the handle screws to go, and drilled pilot holes in the center of each wood block. Using thickened epoxy I glued the wood blocks to the underside of the deck using temporary screws to line up the holes.  Clamps then held the wood blocks in place.  While the epoxy was still wet, I removed the screws and epoxied wood match sticks into the holes.  Now that the kayaks are complete with layers of fiberglass, epoxy and varnish, there are four tiny white dots on the deck that tell me exactly where to drilll pilot holes for the carry handle screws.

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