Titebond III caution

I have successfully used Titebond II for years.  To build the stripped deck on my new Woodduck Hybrid 10, I purchased a bottle of Titebond III which is labeled as waterproof.  After a half hour of glueing strips, I was pleased with the rapid bonding and less yellow color of the glue.  Then I tried to wash the crusty glue off my hands.  It took 10 minutes of scrubbing with abrasive hand cleaner and the green abrasive side of a Scotchbrite heavy duty scrubbing sponge to get the glue off my finger skin and nails.  The label says, "water clean up."  In reality cleanup must take place within 5-10 minutes of using the Titebond III.  Now I always put on nitrile gloves before picking up the Titebond III bottle.

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RE: Titebond III caution

So, how do you do with epoxy?

RE: Titebond III caution

   Hi Grumpy

Sorry my message about Titebond III was not clear to you.  I have worked with epoxy for years and always wear gloves, eye protection and long sleeves.  I have also worked with Titebond II for years and never needed gloves because Titebond II cleans up with soap and water.  My message was for new users of Titebond III.

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