Memories of better times

A couple of years ago on my Faering Cruiser Hvit Skygge out on the South River near Annapolis. A warm sunny April Sunday afternoon, no one else out on the water, only some ospreys looking for dinner.



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RE: Memories of better times

 Landings are still open here in the Ozarks. I put my dory in the lake today and had a lovely, solitary row of about 5 miles, serenaded only by a lonely loon. But when I returned to shore, I was confronted with the unique risks that we CLC builders face in these times of Covid-19. 

Between the time when I pulled my boat up on shore and went up to my car and trailer, an old duffer showed up with a big bass boat and blocked my way. I twiddled my thumbs while he made about 10 attempts to back his trailer into the water. Once he was all backed-in, I was able to use a separate spot to get my trailer in the water. But before I could load my boat, he sauntered over to treat me to brief admiration of my dory followed by a long, meandering tale of sailing a 24-foot fiberglass schooner down the Mississippi and along the inland waterway. . . . violating --(he, not his schooner!)-- my 6-foot quarantine space pretty much the entire time!

There are times when having a very pretty wooden boat is a curse!

RE: Memories of better times

Several small put-ins on my local river, the Potomac in Maryland,  remain accessable and i have been going out most days for a short paddle between 5:30 and sun down.  nice and empty....very peaceful way to take a break and complies with our stay at home but exercise ok/social distancing orders.




RE: Memories of better times

Clever.  Didn't know you could imbed an animated GIF image here.  Oh, and nice little video there, Laszlo; thanks for the memory.



RE: Memories of better times

today's mental health paddle.....


got a nice little 5 miler in after work.....interesting discussion with the local natural resource police.....i was ok becuase it was an 'exercise paddle'.....had it been a 'recreational paddle' i would have been in violation of the stay at home order.

on the serious side, taking the orders very seriously so i am in my house all day except for myearly evening paddle.    nobody else at the put-in ....90 minutes of sublime solitude after non-stop/no-break day running the technology function of a federal agency.   

RE: Memories of better times


Your picture wants a Google sign-in before it's visible. Deja vu all over again (or maybe deja non vu?)

Glad you successfully tested that recreational vs.exercise thing. That was going to be my story if stopped by the water cops, good to see that it actually works. Wonder if they'd accept sailing as a form of exercise, or just paddling and rowing?


Yeah, it's something that occurred to me a couple of years ago when I was looking at the HTML while debugging some website problem for another builder who was having trouble posting an image. It's actually a feature of the much-maligned image posting method this forum uses. Since it's just a link instead of an upload, anything that a web browser can resolve and display can be posted, including animated gifs. I've been saving it for a special occasion and a busted April Fools' and canceled BLBF seemed to need something special.



RE: Memories of better times

   Happened to me yesterday.  Took Lark, my Sassafras 12 out for a row in the local lake, and a fisher guy in a fibreglass motorized boat comes over to start giving me the questions and admiration bit, very kindly, but all I was thinking was, "Man, there might be only 5 feet between us, if that; i'm just going to step back a few steps here, hope you don't notice, are not aware of this thing out there, haven't you read the news, etc?"

In Penna., most park trails and reserves trails, are open for hiking.  I hope they're not restricting waterways to exercise only, and not recreation.  That just sounds over the top ridiculous.  

RE: Memories of better times

   Went to go paddleing at a local county park in Pa and the launch ramps are all closed. 

RE: Memories of better times

I'm still insanely jealous of you Laszlo for having the Faering Cruiser! 

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