Mas Epoxy Hardner

�Hi, I am building a Nymph 12, but have some issues with the hardner. It was bought 3.5 years ago along with the resin. The resin is clear, but the hardner is amber, a bit like the color of ginger ale. Do you know if the hardner is still good? Stay safe everyone.

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RE: Mas Epoxy Hardner

i have used older hardner with no issues and seen the amber color.

that said, do a test batch or two before a committment of using it for a large section of the boat.  if the test mixes harden properly, you are fine and you can go ahead and use it.

its also good to do small test batches to sort out your measuring and mixing approaches even if everything is brand new.


RE: Mas Epoxy Hardner

I bought my Waterlust kit in December of 2016. It shipped about a month later, the epoxy included sat in my office closet (not in the cooler basement) until last November when I began assembly.

Unless you're seeing translucent resin - a sign it's crystallized a little - you ought to have no worries. And crystallization can be easily reversed by warming your resin in their original containers by placing in a hot water bath for a couple of hours. Better yet would be leaving it in a warm room for 24 hours before use.

As Laszlo suggests the one sure test is to mix up a small batch then use it to coat / fasten some scraps together, see if it cures as intended over time.

RE: Mas Epoxy Hardner

Apologies... I'd used Laszlo's name when I ought to have used hspira's in that last post. (Where'd the <edit post> get to now?)

RE: Mas Epoxy Hardner

   I used some amber hardener in my build on Friday. It behaved normally and hardened just fine.

RE: Mas Epoxy Hardner

�I have mixed two small batches and it appears to be good! Will do some further testing as you all have suggested with scarf joints and fiberglass! Thank you so much! Stay safe my friends

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