Sharable photo journal

My SW Dory kit arrives tomorrow and I am wondering what folks have used to create a photo journal of their builds that can be shared with others. Thanks in advance for your thughts.

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RE: Sharable photo journal

I use Flickr.  You get 1000 for free but have to pay for more.  It is easy enough to share pictures/albums here or on social media.


RE: Sharable photo journal

I used to use Flickr a lot, but it seemed to me that the more they "improved" it the goofier it got.  We were supposed to get free Flickr Pro "forever" after Yahoo Photos (which was free on account of ATT's relationship with Yahoo at the time) shut down, but, of course forever came to an end a few years back.

Being an old IT guy and thus comfortable with organizing file systems, I've been using Dropbox both as a file backup and a means of sharing folders containing all maner of file types, including photos,  Their photo viewer works okay, and you can add your own comments by way of making captions if you want.  Sort of "social media lite" without all the antisocial stuff.  It does cost money, but seems worth it for the backup feature alone, never mind the sharing.  Being more of a serious business type thing, I'm hoping Dropbox will be around and remain useable for a while.


RE: Sharable photo journal

I went the next step and bought my own domain and host all my pictures myself. For presenting them as a coherent whole with captions, commentary, etc, I put together a deliberately simple web page from raw HTML using no scripts, cookies or any other advanced features. It's not as slick as a lot of pages out there but it scores 100 out of 100 on Google's page speed insights evaluation tool, it has no tracking or privacy issues, is ad free, it allows the images to be simply linked on fora like this one and it works with every browser on every platform I've tested (including weird ones like Raspberry Pi, one-board embedded computers with an RTOS instead of an OS, etc.).

This approach does require a bit more technical knowledge and about $100/year for the domain hosting fees, but it's the most flexible one around. And it's a lot of fun.



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