HIN application

I epoxied up the 2 pieces of transom for my SW Dory yesterday, and am thinking this would be a good time to apply the HIN. What methods have folks used to accomplish this? With manufactured vessels they are usually stamped right into the hull.

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RE: HIN application

Yeah, I had same question awhile back, started a thread on this topic too. Decided a reasonable approach was to have a custom rubber stamp made with the relevant characters about 3/8" high. Cost me less than $25 delivered.

My plan is to use the stamp to make up an epoxy 'medallion' of sorts that I'll then epoxy into a shallow rabbet routed into my hull's aft starboard surface as required by my state's regs.

I'm not at that stage just yet but as it's a one-shot deal for success I'll be trying out the process in a rehearsal or two on a scrap of plywood before the ultimate goal's undertaken, see what pitfalls might be along the way.

RE: HIN application

My first attempt failed. The place I ordered a stamp from wouldn't do an unmounted rubber master.

Their cost was twice what the second place I found was asking, and the second outfit's product not only was vastly superior in quality but was delivered in half the time as well!

Here's a post I just authored over on the Fyne Boats forum that includes images of what I achieved with my second attempt.

If anyone reading this post would like my assistance in doing something similar for their project, feel free to contact me either via the e-mail address associated with my Fyne Boats forum account, or post an e-mail address here that I then can use to establish a conversation.  

RE: HIN application

Easy peazy - quick easy and cheap -    https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Metal-Alphabet-Number-Stamp/dp/B077K74X4D/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=stamp+kit+for+wood&qid=1599644394&sr=8-3


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