Wherry double single seat positioning



There is a problem with the manual's instruction on how to drill the holes in the rowing insert to make a Wherry Double into a single. Presently it calls for drilling the forward hole a measured distance from the front of the center bar, then installing the rowing unit in the boat's center (solo) position to find where to drill the aft positioning hole. This process winds up with two holes in very close proximity to each other (less than 1/2 inch).

I found a better way. Position the rowing unit in the single position.  Secure the unit to the boat using the already drilled hole for the aft position. Now mark the position of the front hole by using a punch or long pencil and drill the hole. This results in the designated single rowing unit having only three holes.  The front and aft holes for a double configuration and the new front and common aft hole for a single configuration.




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RE: Wherry double single seat positioning

   I don't seem to have my manual on hand, but I think I followed it when I built my tandem 6 years ago. There are 4 frames fore-to-aft and three spaces between them. Frames 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 are 36" apart and 2 & 3 are 32" apart. I drilled the monorail with 2 holes 36 inches apart, placed the rail on the first and last pair of frames and drilled through. I also set it on my other monorail and drilled holes in the latter to match. Now I can put the paired Piantedosis on in either order.

For the single configuration I bolted one monorail's 'footward' hole through the hole I'd made in frame #3. (It's hard to keep track of 'front', 'back', 'fore' and 'aft' when the rig is facing backwards!) Then I marked the monorail to match the hole in frame #2 and drilled my third hole. It was very close to 32" seatward of the footward hole. So 4 holes through the frames, 3 in one monorail and 2 in the other.

RE: Wherry double single seat positioning

"(It's hard to keep track of 'front', 'back', 'fore' and 'aft' when the rig is facing backwards!)"

Oh, aye, unless you were born backwards like me, which might explain why I prefer rowing to paddling.  I'm like Mater (the rustbucket wrecker in the Cars animated movies): "I go backwards better'n I go forwards!"  <;-)


RE: Wherry double single seat positioning

 It only gets worse - I can't tell left from right to begin with, and then one of the seats of the tandem is a forward rower, so nobody has any idea what 'aft', 'port', etc means. I put green and red tape on the grips and looms so I can say 'turn to RED'. Then I row with my brother... who's colorblind.

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