Painting questions - # of coats, paint to use, etc.


Determining finishing options for our 17LTs that are supposed to ship today.

What paint is good to use below the water line?  Interlux's website only recommends Brightside for above the water line. 

How many coats of paint?  Have seen hints of 3 coats recommended (saw the three tape layer approach for masking). 

What is the recomended application method for the paint? Roller vs brush? 

Still varnish over the paint?  The CLC video recommends 5 coats of varnish.  CLC video also recommends the foam brushes for the varnish which is what I typically use on my other boats' exposed wood (they're SOF with very little exposed wood).


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RE: Painting questions - # of coats, paint to use, etc.

Hey Rich,

1. Brightsides (or any other topside paint) is fine for below the waterline on kayaks that are only in the water while actually being paddled. Bottom paints are for boats that spend weeks or months in the water without a break.

2. However many coats it takes to give good coverage. A lot depends on your technique, the thickness of the coats, etc. 3 is a good first guess.

3. Whose recommendation? There's as many as there are builders. It's also really dependent on individual skill, technique and personal preferences (not to mention a sometimes nearly religious component) and the quality of paint job desired. BTW, you forgot spraying. I've seen beautiful jobs done with all 3. My personal preference for LPU paints is rolled on and tipped out with a disposable foam brush, but other builders prefer brushes or spray. I'd say whatever you're comfortable with. However you do it, for best results you really need to do all the prep work - sanding, fairing, sanding, priming, sanding and especially the sanding.

Keep in mind that fixing a botched paint job is easy, compared to fixing woodwork, so you can always try one way and change to another for mere time and money.

Don't forget to build the boat first :-)




RE: Painting questions - # of coats, paint to use, etc.

Lol, I didn't forget spraying, just didn't mention it :)  Would have to mask the entire boat off and most of the shop so would be my last resort.  I really need a dedicated spray area but haven't gotten around to it.  Most of my woodworking uses rubbed on finishes so spraying doesn't happen often for me.

Also curious how much paint it typically takes to get three coats on the hull of a 17LT?  Seeing as the Brightside paint is $55 a quart and $165 a gallon I would expect a gallon is the most cost effective way to go.  Painting our 15' SOF kayak takes two quarts (top and bottom, 3 coats) using rustoleum.

Personally I am leaning towards color testing the water-based stains and sticking with visible wood grain, but need to see what the other boat builder/owner wants for theirs.


RE: Painting questions - # of coats, paint to use, etc.

A quart is plenty. The epoxy-covered hull doesn't absorb paint.



RE: Painting questions - # of coats, paint to use, etc.

   Hi all,

I just finsihed a shearwater hybrid = 5 coats of white for good coverage on the hull and a sea island sport = 8 coats of yellow.on hull.

Yellow like everyone told me needed a lot of coats. for that color.

I also did one coat of pre coat.

So was 1 1/2 white quarts and almost 2 quarts yellow. 

I swear the yellow paint is thinner than the white!

Hope this helps ( I am done  painting and going back to stain and varnish. ( scratched less etc....



RE: Painting questions - # of coats, paint to use, etc.

Sorry, forgot about color coverage differences. I was unconsciously assuming a dark color. One quart of dark blue was fine for me, but Anthony's right, your coverage will vary.



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