Varnish changing color??

Any tips on maintaining color of stain? I've stained my deck with Mohawk ultra penetrating alcohol based stain. Ox blood red. I like the color I've achieved but on a few test panels I've done the varnish seems to turn it brownish in color. Tried Interlux Schooner which turned it right away. Then Epiphanes clear varnish which was okay for the the first three coats but after 4,5,6 turned brownish. 
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks PP

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RE: Varnish changing color??

   As I recall from when I dyed my panels for my SWS I sealed the panels with a thin coat of epoxy.  I never saw any change is color after doing this, since the varnish doesn't come in contact with the dye/stain.   Good luck.

RE: Varnish changing color??

   So this has been glassed so the same is true

RE: Varnish changing color??

   Most varnish does that after those many coats. It has a slight tint which could be a little brownish.  You can use clear automotive finish with RV protection instead of varnish. It comes two part in a rattle can. It is clear but expensive and toxic. 

Personally I get tired of varnishing after three coats. 

RE: Varnish changing color??

   @Grumpy. Any particular brand?

RE: Varnish changing color??

Something like this stuff maybe?

Didn't know such existed until I saw that post of @Grumpy's.

Certainly toxic stuff! So take all necessary precautions to avoid bodily contact or inhalation!

RE: Varnish changing color??

I used this over  a  bright pink aniline stain on blond ceder strips , 8 coats and was and still clear after one year.  It take a lot of coats, very thin finsih and does have UV prtection.


EPF-RCC750 EPIFANES RAPIDCLEAR FINISH 750ML, 6/CS ***PAINT UN1263*** *** No Air Shipments ***

RE: Varnish changing color??

   @ Anthony B. Thanks that may be what I'm after. Since its recommendation is thin coats with no sanding between did you just roll it on or roll and tip?

RE: Varnish changing color??

   I ddi 220 sanding on epxoy and used high quality stiff grey 2 inch brushes  from amazon and the white dense foam rollers from home depot.

I only did the deck ( hull painted white)  8 coats used almost a full quart.

did not sand between coats.  2 coats per day 

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