Uneven Epoxy (skua build)

Hi, I gave the fiberglassed hull of of my boat a quick buff with the sander and the surface is really uneven 

I have photos but can't figure out how to upload. You can try this link to my google drive. Thank--





My goal is to paint this boat inside & out for a real racing boat look, Also, I'll be using anti-fouling paint as I plan to leave it in the water a good amount of the time.

My question is, have I done a terrible job with the fiberglass & epoxy? Inside the cockpit there are also areas that are very uneven. I'm hoping to have a really smooth, glossy finish at the end of this process; hoping I haven't ruined my opportunity the acheive this. Any advice you folks have will be a big help. Thanks!

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RE: Uneven Epoxy (skua build)


Not bad for a first go. Seems like your glass floated up with the epoxy. Learning to use a squeege (plastic panel) to work out extra epoxy takes some practice. Look online for some videos. The goal is enough epoxy to wet out the glass, but no more.

So, to proceed you have two tasks that require the same process. 1. fill the weave. 2. smooth the wavey spots. You do not want to sand through the glass, as you will just need to add more layers of glass to repace what you sanded through. You can accoplish both goals by coating the boat in epoxy thickened with microballons. Peanut Butter or spakle consistency thick. Scrub the boat with a green scrubby pad to roughen up the current layer and remove any unwanted debrie. With a plastic putty knife, apply the epoxy microballons. Sand it fair when it cures. Be careful not to over sand, epoxy thickened with microballons sands very easily and quickly. Repeat till boat is as fair as you like. Folks will even hand sand a racing yacht with "long boards" to get a very very fair bottom. CLC sells rolls of sticky back sand paper that is perfect for a home made long board.

Good Luck, and have fun,


RE: Uneven Epoxy (skua build)

 Hi Joel,

Thanks very much! I've already ordered the microballons.

Reading over the instructions again, it sounds like I should wait until I do the subsequeunt epoxy coats to fair the surface. Am I right about this?

Also, if you don't mind taking a look at another pic, I have uneven coverage basicaly everywhere, but particularly in the cockpit area. I know I could sand this smooth, but I think I 'll get the same result with my next coat of epoxy. Should I again wait until my final coat to create consistent surface throughout? 


Thanks again for your advice.


RE: Uneven Epoxy (skua build)


A furnature scraper works real well to clean up hardened drips. Your call on next coats of epoxy. you can sand at any time, but should always stop and coat with more epoxy if you think you are going to sand through the glass.

Anywhere you are going to paint, Microballons make the job of filling and smoothing easy. they are not useful if you are going to varnish.


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