Northeaster Dory Thwart Sequence

Due to my work area at home being tied up with another project, I'm building the dory in an odd sequence where the hull will be built last. I was thinking about the thwarts which are ready to be cut and finished, when it occured to me that they may have to be adjusted to fit the hull properly.

I figured it made sense to check with the forum to see if anyone ever had an issue where the thwart templates didn't result in a thwart that fit into the hull without modification. It would be a bummer to cut, shape, sand, and epoxy the thwarts if it turns out they don't fit cleanly into the boat. Anyone ever have an issue where the templates were off? Thanks. 


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RE: Northeaster Dory Thwart Sequence

   You're in the same predicament as myself space wise whereas you have another project I have a little shed.The way I figure it if you put the seats across the frames you can see how they sit in relation to the inner face of the hull and in my mind there looks enough wriggle room (famous last words🙄)And finally the other stitch and glue stuff I've done in the past the cut components and templates have always been spot on.

RE: Northeaster Dory Thwart Sequence

   I don't recall making any modifications to the thwart's when I built my dory (now about 6 years ago!). I think you'll be fine. Charge on!

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