Deck sanding scratches

So after staining, glassing, epoxying and sanding my deck. 80, 120, 220 as per manual I still have scratches and a few shiny low spots. Will this show badly after varnish? 
Also due to epoxy flashing before I was done glassing I had to piece in some cloth hence the visible overlap. Any cure for this?

photos are ,dry then wet with water.

Thanks for any help or advice. PP

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RE: Deck sanding scratches


a good way to see how it will look is after you wet with water or, for me, i prefer a quick wipe down with denatured alcohol.

i have had similar issues as you have here.  these imperfections in the glasswork are actually highlighted by the dark stain behind the glass.   one way i have effectively made them 'disappear' is to carefully rub some stain onto the glassed surface.  it will hide things like scratches and some of the unclear/whitish glass that got laid in will be less noticable

you then lock this 'stain over the glass'  in with another layer of epoxy over the stain....which will keep it in place.  but you need to be careful as the stain will start to move with the fresh epoxy if you try to work it too much.

i just used a paper towel with some of the stain and artfullly rubbed it into te glassed surface....until i got the best result i could.

give it a try....i think you will be surprised what you can do.


RE: Deck sanding scratches


Thanks tried your method for coloring with some stain. Not perfect but a big improvement. I'd give it a B-  Might have come out better done by an expert but I'll go with it.

FYI The other scratches I was concerned with were just a matter of me not sanding aggressively enough with the final 220 grit

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