Question on Wood Duck 12 Hybrid Construction

Let me start by saying this is my first build and I'm an experienced wood worker. The project has gone very smoothly so far and I have been very impressed with the accuracy of the CNC routed plywood hull. CLC really puts together a nice product.

Now to my question, I'm in the process of laying up the deck strips. I'm butting the strips up to the cockpit combing apron. It's not clear in the directions how the combing connects to the strips.I'm assuming that when you glass the underside of the deck you glass the combing in place. Does it just stay securely in place during the glassing because of the fit of the strips or does it need to be secured in place? 

 Right now my plan is to put packing tape along the top side of this joint (combing to strips joint)and place a thickened epoxy bead along the underside of this joint prior to glassing the underside of the deck.

Wanted to know the preferred method if there is one to secure it or am I worried about something I don't need to worry about.

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RE: Question on Wood Duck 12 Hybrid Construction

i am currently building a night heron hybrid that has a similar combing apron/strip situation.

i simply wood glued the butted joint from cedar to the combing apron...and that easily held the apron in place securely until i glassed the deck. 

becuase the apron and the strips are different thicknesses, i aligned the top (deckside) of the strip with the top of the apron.  so it's on the inside/underside of this junction there is a little step down from the thicker strips to the thinner apron.  to address this step,  i put a small woodflour  fillet to smooth the transition from the cedar to the apron so it could be glassed without a gap.

i hope my explanation helps.



RE: Question on Wood Duck 12 Hybrid Construction


Thank you, perfect explaination, along the lines I was thinking. I was going to do the bead of epoxy (really a fillet like you explained) on the underside at the junction. I haven't been gluing the strips to the combing apron, so I'll tack it in place on the top side.

I also realized the top side of the deck needs to be flush, deck strips to the apron, so I can see where that fillet on the underside would really help with the glassing.

Thanks again,


RE: Question on Wood Duck 12 Hybrid Construction

In a post a few months back I explained how I formed a "bead" on the apron and then cut "coves" on the strips to get them to lock to one another.

That earlier post had a few links to pictures that will help understand the description




RE: Question on Wood Duck 12 Hybrid Construction


Thank you for sharing this, it is a little late for me but your way looks to be a very good solution. If, or rather when, I tackle my second kayak I'll use your technique. 

Thank you,


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