Mill Creek cleanup and repairs

So I ended up finding a Mill Creek tandem.  Drove and met the seller halfway between us but while the photos were fair it does need a little work.  Of course this was nto conveyed when listed for sale either or when I asked.  So for the price it was a good deal and even with the minimal repairs I want to make it will be a good kayak for me.


So first I need to make some repairs on the glue joint from the 4 side supports.  Two of them on one side are popped on the top deck.  This also loosened up the rail around the cockpit for about 2'  No cracks or damage, just a poor joint.


You can see that when he glued them in it seems as they were too low or miscut.  This was an early CLC kit that had no predilled holes. He has already used shims there with really no epoxy


Here is the top joint that is not attaced.


Also the top deck, the joints of the sheets while glued and finished on top, below seem poory finished.  Whats best to clean up protect the inside.  He fiberglassed the hull but the top deck is just a varnish.


And lastly the bow and stern have poor smoothing and finish.  If I sand down the hull how would I fill this in?


So whats the best way for these repairs to be done, wish I was more local to someone with experience that can assist on this as I am in Central NJ




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RE: Mill Creek cleanup and repairs

Trying to look at that last pic you posted to Google Drive... I have - and am logged into - my Google account but I'm seeing Access Denied 'cause I guess I need to be added to your "approved" list of viewers?

(You'll be gettig such a request shortly I suspect...)

I doubt any of the issues you've asked about aren't 'fixable' - stitch & glue with epoxy's a pretty forgiving medium - but until you get folks to see your images they won't know what-all you're confronted with.

And there's a Builders' Club you can look up other builders with (IF they've signed up for the service!) but the link's only on CLC's home page, not here on the Forum page... so I set up that highlighted text above to take you there.  

RE: Mill Creek cleanup and repairs

   Try this for the link.  Google changed how photos are set so I cant do a public folder anymore I guess

RE: Mill Creek cleanup and repairs

Got e-mail link to one image I opened before coming back here.

What I see tells me the builder was maybe a first-timer? 'Glass wrapped around stern was never properly sanded / faired into surface of hull. There's a hint of rot maybe up at the very end of the deck at the stern....

Hard to see any more as the image seems to have been cropped? I can't see much at all of the deck itself though I can zoom in to inspect what's shown close up. There's a download button at the top though so maybe I can see more if I open it in Photoshop?

Too bad about the public-access folder... that'd be a big help. 

RE: Mill Creek cleanup and repairs

OK so that image wasn't cropped, it's what you uploaded. Surface you ask about needs to have paint removed as best you can then the 'glass tape edges sanded down more if you want to blend the 'glass tape edges into the rest of the hull surface. Anothwer approach may be to get the paint off, then use fairing compound epoxy (epoxy filled with very light-weight filler that has more volume than the un-augmented epoxy alone, so it fills voids but weighs less than epoxy) to fill the unevenness, then sand everything smooth. Then repaint.

Deck may simply need stripping/sanding. What I can see that's blackish may be just bad varnish or a bit of rot beginning. Poke around with a nail or sharp knife, see if the underlying wood or plywood's soft or not. Soft = bad, may need to be carved out & replace with epoxy then re-varnished or painted for protection. Otherwise you may need only to sand the old varnish off then coat with fresh epoxy, then sand again then new varnish or paint.   

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