Tenderly XP aka Lake Union Swift

I just discovered that my buddy, Kea Custom Boats, is building some Tenderly XP's for the Wooden Boat Center in Seattle, WA.  I originally met him when he graciously allowed me to crash his Passagemaker class and pick his brain before my build.  It looks like I may be doing some rigging for them.  I'm super-excited about this prospect as I've always loved the XP.  Once I get some of the details ironed out, I'll post what I come up with for the rest of the builders as my experience has been that rigging has historically been a challenge.

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RE: Tenderly XP aka Lake Union Swift

We've got very specific rigging details for the Lake Union Swift. As early as this week, we're going to set up Hull #1 with the new aluminum-masted rig here at CLC, with careful documentation.

The plan since last year was that I was going to come out to Seattle myself to help with the rigging, though the Plague has complicated that. 

As this will be a fleet of trainers, I think getting the rigging just right is mission-critical. I've done some trainer fleets before where the setup was fumbled and the boats fell into disuse as a result.

RE: Tenderly XP aka Lake Union Swift

Very cool!  I'm looking forward to the documentation.  Bummer about your trip and the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend.  I used to be the Rigging Services Manager for West Marine in Seattle, so I'm looking forward to helping with anything they need.

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