Interlux White vs Matterhorn White

Hi. Does anyone have any experience with the different flavors of white for Interlux? I'm going to paint my dory hull white, but the online color charts are funky with White looking a lot like cream. Anyone have any pictures of their boat if you used some the Brightsides whites? Thanks for any help you can provide. 

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RE: Interlux White vs Matterhorn White

   Oh, and Matterhorn white is from Interlux too. Sorry if that wasn't clear. 

RE: Interlux White vs Matterhorn White

   I used Interlux Brightside Mono White on our two Chesapeakes.  The paint is easy to apply, has held up well and easy o touch uop when required.  Posting several pictures below.  The only real complaint is that in bright sunlight the white hulls are so bright that they are hard to photograph.  Notice how the hull almost appears to be over-exposed in several of these pictures.

RE: Interlux White vs Matterhorn White

I also find really white paint a visual problem, as well as Mark's photographic one. The glare is too much for my eyes on sunny days, so I've used white mixed with blue and a tiny touch of black to give a Carolina blue, or sort of a swimming pool blue if you're a wolf pack fan. That way I get the cooling effect of the light color without the glare.


RE: Interlux White vs Matterhorn White

   This is interlux  White 4359 indoors and in sunlight it's more white than cream.

I'm actually planning on painting the hull Matterhorn which in the chart looks like a brighter white but haven't opened the can yet. Maybe next week or two.

I chose it to hide any unfairness . The brighter the color the less you'll see. So black shows everything and white not so much. 


<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="CA869EA5-F5E2-451B-9814-B14C3AFD2474.jpeg"/></a><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="44FBD507-18E8-400C-9AFD-0034982912AE.jpeg"/></a>

RE: Interlux White vs Matterhorn White

   Sorry use these

RE: Interlux White vs Matterhorn White


RE: Interlux White vs Matterhorn White

   Thanks much. Definitely  appreciate the advice. 

RE: Interlux White vs Matterhorn White

  @h2omanslibrary which white did you end up going with & are you happy??!  I'm going through the same decision process on my NED right now so would love your advice or any photos.  Thanks!

RE: Interlux White vs Matterhorn White

   I just finished applying the last coat of brightsides white. I chose to do the outside in this colour exactly because it is SO BRIGHT. and I mean really I was expecting it to be bright but there is some magic in this and I think it actually reflects more light than it receives!

I had planned on this, I am also putting two "racing stripes" down the sides in sapphire blue. When on the water it will not reflect as much and be easier on the eyes. When I flip the boat over it will be visible on a moonless night, or from space during the day.

Also, I spent the first half of my life painting with inferior paint. a few years ago I spent bank on paint that can be applied to vinyl. Ever since then I pay for the best paint. Brightsides is in that category, it is great paint that, even when applying, is easy to work with and has a lower tendency to run or otherwise misbehave. Don't skip on paint, the extra 10 bucks or so is very worth it, a statement I did not believe until I actually used the good stuff.

RE: Interlux White vs Matterhorn White

   Hey   @h2omanslibrary ,

I too am trying to decide between these two whites based on the color chart. Since no one really answered your original question I'm curious which one you chose and what you think. I'm hoping you bought a quart of both and did a taste test. Would love to hear.


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