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We, Robert and Susan, are longtime daysailors (Great Lakes and more recently coastal SE Florida). We've owned three fiberglass boats over the decades [O'Day 22; San Juan 24; and a Pearson Triton 29]. 

It's time now for a small, open, and more easily managed boat for lake and intracoastal (Lagoon) day sails. This will be our first build and we're considering the Skerry. Just received the 1/8 scale model for practice.



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RE: New to CLC

Hello Robert and Susan, looking forward to pictures of your completed Skerry model!

RE: New to CLC

At least you have your own little support group.  Welcome!  I've built two CLC boats, the Eastport Pram and the Passagemaker.  Seriously thinking about a Peapod or Tenderly XP and still waiting patiently for a NanoShip.

RE: New to CLC

   I had a San Juan 24 - fun little boat.   When my mom died my dad moved in with us for about 6 months per year a couple months at a time.  I gave him the boat as something to keep him busy, which it did in spades.  Nothing like a boat to chew up time and money!  He had a lot of fun, but is sadly gone now too.  


Anyone near us interested in letting us look at their Skerry? We're in WPB, Florida, and seriously considering building one for daysailing local lakes and the Lake Worth lagoon. Presently building the 1/8 scale model.   

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