We're in WPB, Florida, and seriously considering building a Skerry for daysailing local lakes and the Lake Worth lagoon. We're wondering if anyone near-by has a Skerry that we could get a peek at. We are presently building the 1/8 scale model.

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RE: Looking...

RAJH welcome to the CLC Builders' 'family'! Even with just your Skerry to start I trust you'll be going for a full-size soon!

Hiding pretty much in plain sight among those big square graphics atop the web page back upstream there's one that'll take you to the Builders' Directory here. I've added a link there to make it easy for you!

There you can enter your ZIP code, preference for range you'd be willing to travel, and those kits you're interested in. Builders who've opted to join that club will be easily found. Ultimately your search may be more productive there than from posting here on the more generalized forum.

RE: Looking...

I have tried that forum, to no avail. Thought this forum might produce results. Thanks.

RE: Looking...

Oh well... perhaps the forum over at Woodenboat.com might prove worthwhile then?

RE: Looking...

Give it more than 3 days before you give up, especially as 2 of them are the weekend. A lot of the folks could be doing something other than reading the forum.

The Skerry is a great little boat, BTW. Very nice to sail.



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