Delayed gratification

So I finally pulled the trigger and place the order for an Esatport Pram kit (thank you guys for all your advice!).

And now I get an email from CLC that my kit will only be shipped mid-December! Is it a normal wait time, or I just somehow got unlucky? I was getting all excited about the build... I guess it's a time to coo down.

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RE: Delayed gratification

Even with COVID I think that's probably within the range of 'normal'.

When I bought my Waterlust kit late in 2016 I believe it was on the first day they announced that this design was to be made available as a kit.

It arrive in February '17.   

RE: Delayed gratification

   I think it's Covid-related for sure. I ordered by Dory in mid-June and it shipped mid-July, about 4-ish weeks later. When I originally inquired about the Dory, the rep mentioned a 4-6 week timeline for cutting and shipping. So, yeah, it stinks to have to wait, but it's great the day it arrives. 

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