Adhesive for seats and high density foam padding

The adhesive that I used to hold the two pieces of my seat together, and Velcrove stops to the foam seat is failing. What is the the best adhesive recommended for this purpose. 
I am getting ready to add custom padding to my cockpit, and I would like to make use of Velcro to hold it in place, if I can count on it staying in place when needed.

I just returned from a weekend paddling in currents, and I was being tossed around a lot.

extra padding was suggested, so that my Chesapeake 17 would fit my lower body like a glove. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated.




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RE: Adhesive for seats and high density foam padding

I've had good success with contact cement from the paint section of my local DYI store. Apply to both surfaces, let dry, then press them together.

The self-adhesive Velcro tape sold in the same places sticks well to smooth epoxied surfaces.



RE: Adhesive for seats and high density foam padding

ditto laszlo's comments on contact cement.

on the velcro, i have never had much good luck...especially in a cockpit that gets wet.  my approach has been to glue (with contact cement) padding to the cheek plates and arrange it so my seat slips between the floor of the boat and the bottom of the padding on the cheek plate so it is wedged in between the floor and the cheek-plate padding and held in place by friction.



RE: Adhesive for seats and high density foam padding

   I've had zero luck with Velcro. I use Happy Bottom seats in all my boats and do not glue them in. They tend to wedge well in the boats I build and allow you to take them out to hose out the cockpit. When I do need to glue one in I use automotive weatherstrip adhesive similar to what Laszlo and Howard describe above. There are also closed cell foam sheets out there with super sticky adhesive backing. 


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