Sail rig ama deck glassing/fillets

So ready to attach the decks on my sailrig ama. Funny the manual makes no mention of glassing them. I assume they should be to better seal the deck hull joint.

It does however instruct you to glue and nail decks on then fillet the deck to bulkhead joints. So this begs the question- To glass or not to glass and also to fillet prior to or after glassing?

My vote is to glass for water tightness but any input on the fillet part of it would be appreciated from those who may have been down this road.

Thanks for your help PP

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RE: Sail rig ama deck glassing/fillets

The Sailrig kit is of the same technological vintage as the Chesapeake kayaks - sheer clamps, nails, etc. Originally, those decks weren't glassed, so it makes sense that the Sailrig decks aren't either.

On the other hand, glassing the outside will make it more durable and seal the deck/hull joints (just like on the kayaks), so if it was my build I'd glass it.

As far as the filleting order goes, it shouldn't make any difference, as long as it doesn't block access to the bulkheads.



RE: Sail rig ama deck glassing/fillets

I fibreglassed the ama decks on my build. Pretty sure I did the filleting first but as Laszlo says it shouldn't make any difference. 

RE: Sail rig ama deck glassing/fillets

   I think I can do a neater job filleting over the glass rather than vice versa.

Thanks for your input guys. PP

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