Northeaster Dory Kick Up rudder mod

After expending considerable effort to insure that my kick-up rudder would kick up if it hit an obstruction, I needed a way to securely hold it in the raised position during transport over uneven roads and bumpy launch ramps.

I removed the hooks off a rubber cargo strap and bolted the ends together with stainless hardware. A simple loop of line secures over a single stainless screw on the top of the rudder. As a plus the white line is easily seen under water and can be grabbed if one forgets to lower the rudder before departing the dock (Yeah, I did that once).


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RE: Northeaster Dory Kick Up rudder mod

Thanks for your tip! I just tried it and found that the strap slides off the blade but hold the blade up if placed around the housing, itself, just where the blade emerges.  I'm wonder how the blade could be lifted from further forward in the baot, as in a kayak. Any thoughts?    

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