Sourcing MAS Epoxy in Canada?

Does anyone know of of good place to source MAS epoxy in Canada?  I may run a bit short on my ShearWater Sport and have been trying to find a place to buy it.

I'm located in Ottawa Ontario, so normally I would just order from CLC and drive across the border and pick it up -- that's a bit difficult with the way things are currently.

Any help would be appreciated.

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RE: Sourcing MAS Epoxy in Canada?

I'm just outside of Ottawa. I built from plans and got my supplies from Noah's Marine. They were good to deal with.

I drove there because I was also getting plywood, fiberglass, etc..


RE: Sourcing MAS Epoxy in Canada?

Thank you Snowbound,

I found MAS as MarineOutfitters in Kingston -- Noah's didn't seem to have any in stock.  Marine Outfitters seemed great to deal with so far and very reasonable shipping to Ottawa.

Going to make use of this warm weekend to do a couple end pours in the Shearwater Sport I'm working on.

What boat did you build from plans?



RE: Sourcing MAS Epoxy in Canada?

Dave, I also built the Shearwater Sport, finished in the spring of 2019.

It's a great kayak and a lot of fun to paddle, you should really enjoy it. This past winter I built a skin on frame kayak which was a whole different process. It's about the same length as I'm limited in what size I can build in my basement shop.

RE: Sourcing MAS Epoxy in Canada?


i looked at your instagram picture for your shearwater sport.  truly beautiful work.  i was wondering if you could share with us if your bungee work uses maroske fittings (below deck tubes for the bungee) or is just threaded through deck holes with a tight enough hole to bungee ratio to prevent leaking into the internals of the boat?

also curious how you handled your flush hatches.




RE: Sourcing MAS Epoxy in Canada?

Thanks. I did do the maroske fittings, they were a bit difficult but I like the result.

For the hatches I used bungies with wood hooks on the underside of the hatch. It's easy to adjust the tension. I've get a bit of a leak in one but it's not a problem. It's mainly because the hatch ledges are the sloppiest work I did on the kayak so it's hard to get a tight seal.

RE: Sourcing MAS Epoxy in Canada?

   Snowbound -- your boat looks amazing!  I like the black hull and black accents on the deck.  I can see in your shear panel that you built from scratch (no puzzle joint) I think I prefer that look than the puzzle piece look I have.

I have debated to use some of my left over material to make wood hooks for my hatches, for the clean flush look.  Do you have any photos of how you did that?  I've read the CLC stuff on that, but just wondered when you mentioned wood hooks.

Thanks again for your advice, if I decide to scratch build or build the teardrop from plans, I may use NoahsMarine, as I'm down in Toronto area every now and then.


RE: Sourcing MAS Epoxy in Canada?

The hull is stained a dark green. I finished the hull with a gloss varnish and matte for the deck.

I put some pictures in dropbox. The one thing I would do different is face the hooks inside. It always feels backwards unhooking them.


RE: Sourcing MAS Epoxy in Canada?

Hi Snowbound -- thanks very much for the photos of the hooks.  It looks like a very simple system, and I like that it is all made from wood. -- I was wondering if you might be able to provide some basic dimensions for the hook and keeper.  Looks like you might have used 3/4 thick material? -- Pls take it as a compliment that I wish to replicate your design.

Also - I saw in another thread about seats -- did you end up getting a Redfish Seat for your Shearwater?  If so, do you like it?  Just curious as I'm considering it.

Thanks again, dave.

RE: Sourcing MAS Epoxy in Canada?

They are 3/4 thick from some maple I had on hand. The base of the hook that's glued to the hatch is 1-3/4" long and the height is about 1-1/4". I don't remember the hole size, would have been a bit smaller than the bungy diameter. 

I have the Creature Comfort seat which I don't really like. The seat is fine but the back support isn't good for me. Last winter I built a skin on frame kayak and used a back band and simple pad seat which I find much more comfortable on my low back, I'll likely change it to a similar seat someday.


RE: Sourcing MAS Epoxy in Canada?

Thank you again Snowbound -- I appreciate it.  I roughly drew out some hooks and keepers and came up with dimensions about the same as you describe.  Thanks again for the idea -- I think its a good clean design detail.

The Redfish seat is expensive, I may try the Happy Bottom Pad from CLC.

Thanks again for all your help.

RE: Sourcing MAS Epoxy in Canada?

Hi David, 

fwiw, i have bought Redfish seats for my last five boats.  i find them very comfortable.

i agree that they are expensive.  however, not under their seats section, but under their materials section is presculpted seat blanks ($75).    

in this option, they do all the hard work of the seat and you now just need to cut it to fit your boat.   in this approach, you use your normal seat-back that comes with the kit.    so this is how i buy them and it is very reasonable relative to the cost of other seat options. they look great and are super comfortable.  below are pictures of after i have cut their seat blank to fit my boat. and hot it is held in place.

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