Weave visibility worsened??


So I glassed the deck of my MC 13 back on July 20 so 4 plus months ago.

It was then sanded completely and I noticed some glass visibility issues back then. They mostly disappeared when wetted with DA

The boat sat since then while I started construction of my Sailrig. Now they appear to have gotten worse (more white) and actually can be felt ever so slightly. Not how I left it after sanding. I'm guessing the epoxy fully curing over that period of time is to blame? I've already resigned to the fact that there will be some painting/striping/decals in the finish work . So not all the deck will wind up stained bright. That's okay I've got a plan for that. Unless there's a cure??????

My question/concern would be on the sailrig amas which right now just finished have no issues. Will they too have issues appear after months of curing.

So should I wait to finish them? I read somewhere I think in the tips about letting epoxy fully cure for months before finishing.



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RE: Weave visibility worsened??

   More pics



RE: Weave visibility worsened??

you don't need to wait months to finish (paint or varnish).   and yes, over the course of months, there will be some very very minor changes due to the epoxy acheiving its final state.

 the way this sometimes shows itself is something called 'print through'.  particularly when the there is a very thin layer of epoxy over the glass, as it inevitable shrinks (the epoxy) you start to see/feel the weave.   but like i said, this is typically a very minor effect and also can be minimzed by ensuring that there are adequate fill coats of epoxy.

it will not effect the finish other than over the course of months, a finish that may have looked smooth as glass will now show a little bit of texture of the weave.  but you are typically only going to notice this if you are within a foot or less of the boat.  from a pace or two back, you would never notice it.



RE: Weave visibility worsened??

   @hspira. Thanks for your input. FWIW I believe I did 5 coats thin to fill the weave.

The waiting months was not intentional but due to building the sailrig in the meantime.

But I'm glad I did, had these things popped up afterwards it might have been very upsetting and more difficult to conceal. Everything happens for a reason! And probably for most of it the ten ft rule May apply but since I'm always going to be inside the ten ft it will bother the s**t out of me so I think an imaginative paint and or striping/decal job is in order. 
BTW not that it matters but this is where I read about waiting to finish in CLC tips:

You can wash it off, but the epoxy keeps curing, and "blushing," for a long time, so it may be advisable to let the epoxied hull cure for weeks or months before you apply the finish. 

Not shooting for launch til the spring so plenty of time to make it right. This guy might even pop up on the boat somewhere. IDK Thanks PP



RE: Weave visibility worsened??

   Those pictures look unvarnished.  Varnished it would not look like that..........or be noticed. 

RE: Weave visibility worsened??

Hi Pappy, 

excellent point on wait time and some of the guidance with that. 

just to add some color, a lot of how long you wait and issues you need to be sensitive to has a lot to do with the type of epoxy you use and temperature.   

for me, i stick with non-blushing MAS epoxy and i time my boat building to finish going into the warm season.  typically, on a new boat, i wait mo less than 4 weeks from the date of my last coat of epoxy with temperatures in the high 70's to low 80s before before applying finishes like paint or varnish.

thanks for making that point



RE: Weave visibility worsened??

   @grumpy. They are unvarnished but when wiping down with Denatured Alcohol 

they do not improve much at all. Which makes me leery of varnishing the whole thing and being unhappy with the result. Then where do I go????  Thanks much PP

RE: Weave visibility worsened??

   So a bit confused now as my test piece with only three coats of finish appears to have made the whitish weave disappear???

Focus on the bare wood spot as they came out on opposite sides. Sorry. 
So Grumpy may be right although the DA test did not show this when I tried it.




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