Gooseneck position on boom? (Eastport Pram)

My Eastport Pram Mk2 instruction tell me to fix the gooseneck almost at the end of the boom, with the sail foot therefore extending from the mast aft. Given the bottom end of the yard hangs some way forward of the mast, this would angle the sail luff a fair way off vertical, and angle the boom a fair way up from horizontal (luff and foot are cut pretty much perpendicular). Photos I've seen of Eastport Prams show most are indeed rigged this way.

But the illustration in the instructions shows the sail foot extending maybe 8 or 10 inches forward of the mast (gooseneck attached that far back from end of boom). The luff is more vertical and boom almost horizontal. This looks much more pleasing to my eye.

Does anyone have any advice on setting this up? Any risks to be aware of when extending the sail foot forward of the mast?

Thanks shipmates!

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RE: Gooseneck position on boom? (Eastport Pram)

Terry at CLC kindly confirmed - the boom/sail foot on Mk2 Eastport Pram should extend forward of the mast, by about 10 inches according to the drawing.

RE: Gooseneck position on boom? (Eastport Pram)

   Thanks for getting back with the answer.

It'll help other folks with the same question

RE: Gooseneck position on boom? (Eastport Pram)

   Tim J,

Good catch! I actually almost couldn't believe it because my Eastport Pram Mk II have a drawing (on p.27) clearly showing 3 3/4" between the gooseneck throat and the forward end of the boom.

So I reached out to Terry, and she sent me the latest version of the instructions (v. 2.6, 12/2020) that has the same drawing with the distance marked 6 3/4". Good that they fixed it (but disappointing that they didn't let those of us with older manuals know).

6 3/4" is still not 10" that you are mentioning though... but it's halfway there, I guess.

RE: Gooseneck position on boom? (Eastport Pram)

Thanks Andrew.

In the absence of any other reference, I think I just measured it from the picture of the full rig on p24, and came up with 10".

I'll see how the sail hangs when I finally get the boat on the water - hopefully the difference between 10" and 6 3/4 " is insignificant.

RE: Gooseneck position on boom? (Eastport Pram)


> hopefully the difference between 10" and 6 3/4 " is insignificant.

If the sail opsition ends up not what you looking for, I wonder if you can play with the halyard attachement point to adjust that.

> I'll see how the sail hangs when I finally get the boat on the water

When do you plan to get her on the water? I am curious to see how it comes out!

RE: Gooseneck position on boom? (Eastport Pram)

   So I spent ridicoluous amoeunt of time looking at Eastport Pram sailing photos at the CLC website, and on every single one of them the gooseneck is very close to the and of the boom (just one example below).

This makes me even more confused.... I guess I'll follow the latest instructions and see what happens.

RE: Gooseneck position on boom? (Eastport Pram)

   ... to the _end_ of the boom, of course. (I can't type, and can't edit messages here either.)

RE: Gooseneck position on boom? (Eastport Pram)

Hi again Andrew.

Just in case you haven't spotted it - there are two sailing rigs for the EP. The Mk1 rig, with a squarer sail (yard and boom not far off parallel), did indeed have the gooseneck near the end of the boom.

The Mk 2 rig, with 2 battens in the sail and a sharper peak, moved the gooseneck back and the sail foot therefore extended forward of the mast, in a more balanced-lug configuration. (I don't know how much sail you need forward of the mast before you would call it balanced...)

It seems clear to me that most Mk2 builders, and all of the Mk2 boats you've seen photographed, have consistently  followed the erroneous instructions for gooseneck positioning - presumably unchanged from the Mk1 - hence have the boom extending only 2 inches forward of the mast.

I doubt it makes a lot of difference to the way it sails tbh.

RE: Gooseneck position on boom? (Eastport Pram)

   Yeah, right, agreed. I am pretty sure the most of the photos, including the one I included, are of Mk 2.

FWIW, in John Harris' essay on lug rigs, he specifically mention Eastport Pram (which looks like Mk. 2 to me) as an example of a standing lug:

RE: Gooseneck position on boom? (Eastport Pram)

I ran into the same issue with gooseneck position, wish I had discovered this forum before gluing gooseneck to boom for my MK II (maybe?!) rig.  I had several issues with discrepancies between drawings (2002 and 2018 vintage) and manual (V2.5, 6/2019).  The bow section and mast step are inconsistent and the boom and yard dimensions differ.  Terry Otis stated that everything for the mast and spars was correct in the manual but that turns out not to be the case.  The drawings I received appear to be MK I standing lug yet the manual is labeled MK II balanced lug.  

I did catch and resolve (I hope) mast step/partners issues before gluing them up despite revised drawings from Jay Hockenbery that would have given the mast significant forward rake.  It is disappointing to have so many errors in what are purported to be professionally prepared drawings and construction manuals.  One wonders what else is lurking undiscovered.

Haven’t sailed the boat yet but it does row quite nicely.

RE: Gooseneck position on boom? (Eastport Pram)

   I built my Eastport rowing pram in 2012 and am currently working on converting it to the sailing version utilizing the the current conversion kit with sail which I assume is for the version 2 boat. 

I have two questions:

Should I use the 6 3/4" position for the gooseneck location?

How far bellow the top edge of the boom is the gooseneck located? I would assume it is closer to the top edge so that it is not centered on the boom.

RE: Gooseneck position on boom? (Eastport Pram)


As far as I understand the boats themselves are identical, it's just the sailing rig which is Mk 1 or Mk 2. The current sailing kit is Mk 2, so I would just follow the current manual, which (as we've established) now specifies 6 3/4" for the gooseneck.

I personally did center it vertically on the boom; I don't see any reason why not.

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