Eastport Pram: gluing transom doublers

So I just glued in the transoms of my Eastport Pram. First fillets in my life! They are not perfect, but I am still proud.

Now, I started thinking about how I am going to glue the transom doublers. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself, but my fillets will definitely interfere with attaching the doublers flush to the transoms.

What I am supposed to do, sand the doublers until they fit? This feels silly, but I dont see any other solutions.

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RE: Eastport Pram: gluing transom doublers

Limitations of CNC machining leave some aspects of fitting parts up to the builders, just as if they were getting parts out from plans. I had same challenge fitting drive trunk cover when assembling my Waterlust; it's expected that some material is to be removed where fillets create interference with what comes next.

If sanding'll do it, by all means proceed! In my case I chose my Shinto rasp, then sandpaper once I was closer. Even if you go a bit too far the thickened epoxy you'll use to bond doublers in place will fill any gaps nicely. No worries in that regard!


RE: Eastport Pram: gluing transom doublers

   Yeah, right, thank you. I said it feels silly because if I realized that in advance, I would've just skipped the parts of my fillets overlaping with the transom doublers... and now, instead, I have a separate project on my hands. Oh well.

RE: Eastport Pram: gluing transom doublers

Yes, I had the same issue when building my EP.  Just shape the doublers so they fit, then epoxy in place.

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