Skim coat / sanding questions

I'm building a wood duck Hybrid, and pretty happy with the results.  However, I'm very concerned I will not have enough epoxy to finish.   I have applied 3 coats on all the outside fiberglass, and the weave appears to be filled.  In the final finishing, it describes skim coats(s) however, only describes applying one.   Should I only expect to apply one skim coat?  Also, should I use the fairing board to level the coats prior to the skim coat, or after the skim coat?  Thanks!

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RE: Skim coat / sanding questions

depending on how you did with the first three fill coats, you could get by with as few as no skim coats....but if done with good technique, not more than one.

the clc site has a nice little piece on filling the weave.

so to get more directly to your question, the skim coat is, hopefully,  the last coat of epoxy to fill any final remaining scratches, pin holes or other minor, impefections after the fill coats have been sanded back with a ros sander and/or fairing board to get a smooth surface.   it is usally a very thin coat applied with a only roler and then gone over with a firm plastic spreader/squeegee to only fill those remaining imperfections.  my skim coat on a 17 foot boat hull may be as little as four pumps of resin and corresponding hardner.

if after your sanding your fillcoats, you don't have any imperfections you are concerned about, you don't even need a fill coat.

i hope this helps.



RE: Skim coat / sanding questions

   Thanks so much, this is very helpful.  The article you sent is excellent, I wish the instructions had included the same content or at least a link.   Thanks!

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