Millcreek 13

Frustrated.......again.  This Millcreek is my fourth boat using epoxy and fiberglas cloth. I've always had problems w/ frayed edges which happen when you get too close to the glas edge w/ the sticky epoxy. I asked a tech from the West System. He indicated they use tape along the edge to control the fraying. I never tried this approach. So I taped the edges, on top of the fabric, on the length of the 13' hull. I found out that as I wet out the fabric, it wants to stretch, but the tape doesn't allow it, so you end up w/ ripples on the fabric. I ended up cutting the tape about every foot to work out the ripples and let the fabric lay flat.

Has anyone out there have any other ideas on how best to deal w/ a "no frayed edges approach"?

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RE: Millcreek 13

hi paddlefree:

it would be nice if you could describe a little more about where you are having this problem.  for example, when you glass the bottom of the hull, you usually have excess glass hanging over the sides....that after you are done glassing the hull, the glass overhanging the hull gets cut awar so you have a nice clean edge.

if you are glassing a deck and overlapping it onto a hull that has already been glassed, you can get a clean edge by putting tape down underneath where you want a clean edge to be and epoxy the glass onto the tape.  then when the glass is started to cure and is 'plasticy" you can use a box cutter to cut the glass at the tape line and then pull off the tape and the cut glass for a very nice clean edge.

so in a nutshell, i am rarely trying to take a raw piece of cloth and use it as an edge....i either cut the excess cloth to fit the piece, or i use a tapeline to guide a box cutter to get a clean glass edge.

i am sure if you take a picture of the step you are at where you are having this problem and post it here, you will elicit a lot of good suggestions.


RE: Millcreek 13

I appreciate your response and I understand your approach. I'll keep this in mind on my next application..............thanks again  

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