Rub Strips on Shearwater

Hi everyone --

After taking the winter off to let my shop heat back up, I'm keen to get my Shearwater Sport finished up.

I have some questions about rub strips.  I ordered some with my kit, thinking they would be a good idea, however in looking at many photos it seems many people do not have them installed -- just curious about that? -- any reason?

If I did choose to install -- I know that they are installed onto sanded epoxy with no varnish -- but since I'm still in the pre-varnish stage -- would I varnish right over them if I was to install them?

Also --  are they generally hidden below the waterline?  Do they look unsightly if they are visible on the stern and bow above the water line?

Thanks again for all the help,  hopefully this boat will float soon.


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RE: Rub Strips on Shearwater

below are two examples.

i keep mine relatively small....becuase they only really are needed to provide protection on the centerline.

you can varnish over them.  i actually paint mine with rustoleum flat black to give a nice clean line.  you can put that paint over varnish.

i do not extend them above the waterline...i focus on protecting the knuckles and trying to make them look nice.




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