Best trailer for passagemaker ...

How have other passagemaker owners madeout with the SUT-250-SCLC. Thanks Ron

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RE: Best trailer for passagemaker ...

I bought a used Trailex trailer that looks like the SUT-250 but it didn't have any bunks or rollers.  I ordered extra T-bolts, nuts, and web strap clips from Trailex.

Then I built a frame out of 2x4s, with form fitting supports that fit the curve of the bottom and a front support also out of wood.   I used skateboard wheels and a stainless axle to provide rollers along the back edge. I also added LED trailer lights.

I don't have a picture of the trailer without the boat on it, but here are a couple so you get the idea.  I still need to work on the front hold-down system and will install a second set of self retracting ratchet straps to replace the orange one.

So far it works well, but I really need a good bag to wrap the sails and mast in so the boat doesn't get scratched up! 


RE: Best trailer for passagemaker ...

We ended up getting a Harbor Freight folding trailer to go with our Passagemaker take apart, mostly so I could store the whole business in a corner of the garage, though I'm not needing to do that just now.  We decked the trailer with 1/2" PVC sheet (4x8 from Menard's--meant for cutting trim parts for vinyl sided houses), about half the weight of HDPE, my original thought over plywood on account of it being impervious to water, and lighter than 1/2" plywood, though 3/8" might have worked.

Anyway, the "flatbed" 4x8 section of the trailer nicely supports the flat bottom of the boat through the middle and the skeg further aft.  I used an industrial carpet runner with rubber bottom down the middle to keep from tearing up the paint.  It is very easy to get the boat on an off the trailer without getting any more than the trailer tires wet--hubs, axle and lights all stay dry.  The high, curved bow makes pulling the boat onto the trailer pretty easy.

I thought I had posted some photos in another message on this, but I can't find it now.  I can put a few up here, if anybody has any interest in seeing it.


RE: Best trailer for passagemaker ...

I got an Ironton trailer from Amazon and some great people on this board helped me dial it in to make a great rig. I've since added swivel jack to save my back and fingers when rolling it around on the driveway to the receiver hitch.



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