Peapod seat shelves/supports

I have got to that bit of the build where the seat supports get glued in.  

The manual says to 'tack weld' them in place with CA superglue.  However given that the supports meet the hull at an angle there is not very much bonding surface and I am not confident that I won't knock one off at some stage before the proper fillets are in place and set.

I was thinking of tack welding them in place with epoxy (like the planks). It will be slower but may be more robust.

Any thoughts?  Am I being over cautious?


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RE: Peapod seat shelves/supports


I was able to tack weld them per the instructions. Some areas of the supports did not make contact in the same manner from one to the next. Still, I had no problems. I too thought they might be poorly attached but I was suprised. I used activator to speed up the process. However, I was careful to not bang things around until I could get the fillets in as a precaution. 



RE: Peapod seat shelves/supports

Thanks Dean

In the end there were only a few points of contact between hull planking and seat supports so I took the cautious route and tacked them in with some epoxy.  They were rock solid so I was much more comfortable doing the final fillets with not having about how hard I was pressing to scrape off excess epoxy (I had used CA glue to tack weld the planks earlier in the project and managed to pop a few while I was working).  With hindsight I should have taken a rasp/file to the seat supports to get a proper fit against the hull side - probably stronger in the long term and would have been better for CA glue.


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