Preparation prior to varnish / Paint question

I am planning on applying varnish and paint to the attached surface.

The resin has been applied three times with the areas being sanded with 120 grit and the 220 grit. Bit I still see orange peel and what looks like grit maybe?? I am using a small roller and applying sparingly. 

Do I need to re-sand with 220 and re-apply another resin coat before going on to varnish? Will the varnish settle better onto the surface?

For the painted areas - again should I re-sand or not prior to applying primer? 

Basically, do I need a realy smooth surface prior to the next finishing?



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RE: Preparation prior to varnish / Paint question

Thanks fot the link, your image wouldn't display on my iPhone but the link worked so I could see what you're seeing... this your first project with epoxy maybe?

Yes that surface shown needs sanding again, maybe a pass with ScotchBrite too if you don't want to sand too deep into the epoxy layers. Otherwise, for varnish or primer (under paint) either will need more than one coat - with sanding in between - to level out before the smoothest surface finish coat can be had.

Using rollers to apply epoxy will invariably leave this kind of texture unless you 'tip off' the texture as soon as you possibly can after applying fresh epoxy. Advocates in both camps for using a bristle brush or a foam brush for this, they both work. Same can be said for the subsequent varnish and paint finish coats if applied with rollers too!

Epoxy is notoriously not 'self-leveling' hence the need for the tipping off, a useful skill with these projects. Paints and varnishes are better in this aspect but may also need tipping off for the smoothest final coat.

RE: Preparation prior to varnish / Paint question


Can you describe the process for tipping off epoxy and varnish?  I am guessing you lightly hit the high spots with a foam brush, but I am not sure as I have not seen any pictures in my CLC instruction manual or on the website.


RE: Preparation prior to varnish / Paint question

defintiely need to sand again.  the surface should be flat. and  once you have that. you are ready for finishing.   

the tips part of the web site  is pretty useful and has section on both finishing (painting and varnishing) and fibreglassing and filling the weave/sanding the boat.   i have been building for year and the techniques discussed really work and give a good result.

the process for tipping paint is described here:   


you would use similar technique to tip epoxy except for epoxy there is no dry would just roll epoxy onto the entire hull and then tip it with a foam brush.

applying varnish is described at this link: varnish:

as desribed in these sections, sanding is a lot of the work and really makes a big difference on how nice the boat looks.  it's a break it up into sections and take you time.  it will be worth it.


RE: Preparation prior to varnish / Paint question

Thanks for the help guys

Resanded and applied again - will post a picture when complete.

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