Enough Epoxy/Graphite on Rubstrip?

Just looking for advice about my rubstrips.  I've put three coats of epoxy/graphite mix on them after sticking the fabric down with plain epoxy originally.  I think they look pretty good, but I can still see some of the fabric weave. -- So I'm wondering if I have enough epoxy/graphite applied to them.

I'm going to try to attach some photos, but that hasn't always been easy for me, so bear with me.




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RE: Enough Epoxy/Graphite on Rubstrip?

Not sure that other link worked... maybe this will?



RE: Enough Epoxy/Graphite on Rubstrip?

Hi Dave, 

i looked at your pictures.  yes, you need to add more graphite/epoxy in order to fill the weave.

like you, i will start my rubstrips pulling them tight and focusing on attaching and initial trimming.  once i have that, i will then remask and come in with an almost mayonaise consistency graphite epoxy mixture (lots of graphite to epoxy).  i will then spread it on top of the dynel with a mixing stick or little spreader that i will make.  once it hardens, i then sand it smooth  and all the weave is filled in one step.

hope that helps



RE: Enough Epoxy/Graphite on Rubstrip?

Hi -- thanks for the advice.  For sure I can add more epoxy/graphite.  By the sound of what you are describing I didn't have enough graphite in the mix, mine was more of a thick mustard, but still runny.

I will have to remask, which is not a problem -- will it be a problem if I wait 36hrs between these last coats and a last thicker coat - or should I sand inbetween for adheision?

Also - you mention you sand the strip after the epoxy dries (before varnish) -- is it the varnish that then returns the "shine" to the black of the strip?

Thanks again,


RE: Enough Epoxy/Graphite on Rubstrip?

not a problem to wait 36 hours.  you can rough it up with a scotch-brite pad if you want, but it's not necessary....there are enough surface irregularities (e.g., the weave) that it will bond just fine.

on the "shine"  you mention, that's a personal/aesthetic perspective.   i leave mine flat black which is how it will look after sanding.  you can make it shine by varnishing over it or painting it with clear epoxy.  fwiw, i avoid varnishing any part of a boat that i plan to repair/re-epoxy becuase epoxy won't bond properly to varnish.  i put rubstrips in that category of "plan to repair".  typically, at the end of the season, i will evaluate how the strip is holding up.  if it got used a lot,  i will retape them, and build the strip back up to be ready for the next season.


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