Sealing coats for paint

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Latest quandary for me is that the paint finish seems a little vulnerable. (It feels "Not as Hard" as I would expect.)

Is this just my perception - or should we use a sealant coat as we would in the automotive applications?

I am using Interlux Brightside Yellow - which apparently requires 5 coats instead of the normal 3 coats for darker colors. (I can attest to this as I am still showing shadows after 3 coats) 

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RE: Sealing coats for paint

   Yes, the yellow does take an extra coat or two, at least it did on my SUP, especially because I used some fairing microballoons to fix some epoxy screwups and it is a dark purple color against the pale okume ply.  

Brightsides seems to take a long time, like weeks, to reach its final hardness.  Once there, it is pretty good, but face it, drag it over sharp rocks or a concrete ramp, and you will have to do some scratch repair.  Even a clear coat wouldn't prevent that.  I did find out on my skerry that the Prekote primer really isn't the ticket.  It's soft and if there are any areas with more than a tiny film of it, they make the finish on top softer.  If I had it to do again, I'd have sanded more and put Brightsides right on the epoxy.  That's basically what I did w/ the SUP, using the epoxy/fairing mix to deal w/ some of the surface faults instead of the primer.  Better hardness.

RE: Sealing coats for paint


I have a few months before launch so the paint should be solid.

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