Mill Creek 16.5 cockpit cover

I used my new tandem cockpit cover for the first time - worked great, longevity remains to be seen of course. It stayed solidly in place as I carried the boat on a roof rack about 500 miles at freeway speed. It takes several minutes to install it as there are several bungies that run from one side of the cover around the hull and hook into eyes on the opposite side of the cover, and there is provision for another line from the front edge of the cover to the the bow of the boat. Happy with the purhase so far. As usual, YMMV, no affiliation, just a customer, no compensation received, etc. 

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RE: Mill Creek 16.5 cockpit cover

I presume you mean How has this cover held up? Is it waterproof? In looking at the design, I would be worried that the clips might wear on the side of the hull when traveling. Have you had any problems with this?

I have made custom covers for several rowing shells, and so I may just make a cover for the Mill Creek 16.5 that I'm building, but this seems like an interesting idea, and not too expensive.    

RE: Mill Creek 16.5 cockpit cover

   Oops, I meant

RE: Mill Creek 16.5 cockpit cover

   I've used the cover for a few years now, including one trip coast to coast and back. It is fairly waterproof but does tend to sag an excursiond accumulate a lot of water in heavy rainstorms. The weight of the water eventually pulls the cover down enough that it dumps the water into the boat. So I plan to make some battens to keep the accumulation from happening. I haven't had any noticeable scratches from the plastic clips but I'm sure there are some that could be seen if one looked closely. I did have a few of the bungies break and the company that made the cover fixed them free of charge but I did have to send the cover to them at my expense. So it's not perfect but it is good enough for my purposes. I only use it when I'm going on an overnight excursion - it's not worth the effort to put it on if I'm going paddling locally.

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