HIN# Misery

I am having a real problem obtaining a HIN # for my Skerry Raid sailboat.  I built the boat from CLC plans. If you build from a kit, CLC will issue you a HIN #. CLC will not issue you a number if you build from plans only. I was instructed to obtain the HIN # from my state of Georgia. To register a boat in Georgia  you fill out an application form along with $35. The form must a HIN# to process it. The DNR will issue you a HIN # if you have the registration approved and have paid the $35 fee. You have to drive half way across the state to the closest issuing DNR unit with the approved registration and after paying the $35 fee……which you cannot get unless you have a HIN #. Catch 22. Beware building a boat from plans only if you live in Georgia ( and possibly other states )  if you value you sanity. Oh BTW


If you do get a HIN# for your (Home Made Boat) the law states it cannot be sold to a second party….ever. No matter how well you constructed your beauty…..it’s yours forever if built in Georgia. 

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RE: HIN# Misery

   I have a solution if you can message me individually!

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