NE Dory on Ladder Racks?

I don't imagine a problem transporting my northeaster dory on my Silverado ladder racks, but a quick google search led me to believe it could be an issue.  Was curious on the thoughts of this more experienced forum?  I'd have another set of hands to get the boat on/off.  Thanks!

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RE: NE Dory on Ladder Racks?

Don't know what specific rack you are using.  I have the GM Cargo Management System on my 2013 Sierra.  It has a 400# capacity so from weight perspective the ~100# the NED should not be a problem.  My racks are only ~45" wide on top because they fold down into the truck bed when not in use so the NED is definatley too wide.  If the sides of your rack are more vertical the boat may fit but you may not have room for the spars (the bed on my truck is ~60" wide). 

Assuming that the NED fits your rack, it will be a chore to load.  My wife and I load our 75# Shearwater Double (18.5' x 25") and it is no fun.  Because of the height of the truck, I use a three-step stool to carry the bow up onto the tailgate then lift unto the rack.  Since the picture was taken, I have added a set of rollers to the back rack to make loading/unloading easier.  (As a side note, I have the kayak too far forward in this picture).


RE: NE Dory on Ladder Racks?

   I put mine on a headache rack and simple 2x4 arrangement on a flatbed Dodge.  Seems akin to a ladder rack.  I didn't think putting it there or getting off was very hard, able to do it solo with a little thought.  Traveled well for 800 miles.  Used two small ratchet straps.


RE: NE Dory on Ladder Racks?

   The height of the frame on our truck is 7 ft off the ground. The NED is another couple of feet. You want a load that high?  Will the boat be upright or upside down. Will it be 100# or somewhat more after you load it up with your hardware, fittings, modifications(sometimes called mistakes) .......

Scampering up into the truck to load the boat gets annoying. If you carry it once a year, no problem. But we take the boats up there on RV trips. They may go up and down every other night for a month.  Tie the boat are working on that three step, step stool a lot. We put Hullivators on the rack. Hullivators won't work for you. 

One thing with kayaks is that after 20 miles of paddling they always seem to weigh twice what they did at the beginning of the trip. I don't know about the NED. 

Other RVers I see sometimes carry a boat upside down on the truck while towing a travel trailer.  I don't think they put the boat up and down as much as we do with our kayaks. Most of them were snowbirds. In that manner you could well carry the NED up there once and a while. I think it could wear you down.  You will learn how nice a boat trailer is. 



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