Plan B


I purchased the Skerry planswith the intent to purchase the wood and parts as needed to spread it out some. Here we are in June and I have yet to glu ethe scarfs and I've reached the following conclusions:

  1. For someone of my skill level, a kit would have been the better choice.
  2. The Skerry will not be launched this Summer
  3. This is fun, and this will not be my last CLC boat.
  4. That NE Dory is really nice.

So I am thinking that I might wish to shelve the Skerry plans build for a while and order a kit - either Skerry or Dory. I do not mind having two Skerry's (two kids), but the "ease of build" meter and posts to this forum make me think the Dory might be an easier start.

  1. Do you think that ease of build translates as a shorter build time? 
  2. I think I saw build times of under 200 hours for the Dory. I know it is pretty subjective, but do you think the build time for a Skerry kit is more or less of that? I think CLC does both in a week long class (with the right tools and professional guidance on hand).
  3. Am I being a ninny? Should I just persevere with the Skerry build with a revised launch date of Christmas morning (after reinforcing th ebow with kevlar so it can act as an ice breaker to float it in Lake Ontario).
  4. Has anyone had success having the kit shipped with instructions to leave it behind the lawn shed where the wife won't see it and realize I am building my own navy? ;<) 

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RE: Plan B


A scratch build for a first boat is a bit ambitious if you have limited woodworking skills but there are many here who have done just that. The Skerry isn't that difficult to build once you get the scarfs glued up and get the rabbets and gains cut. The gains will be the hardest part of the boat so if you decide to go ahead with the build just keep in mind it gets easier after that. If you decide on going with the Dory kit, it is one of the easiest boats to build CLC ever put out. I built the BETA version and it was a piece of cake. The production models are even better. All the panels are puzzle joints so they're self aligning. The holes are drilled, the frames are keyed to the bottom, I didn't need a tape measure till I got to the rails.

As far as time to build, the Dory kit will take much less time than a scratch Skerry build, and probably less time than a Skerry kit build. Even in the Skerry kit you have to cut the gains and there are none to cut on the Dory. 200 hours or less for the Dory as a first time build is reasonable.

Either way you're not a "ninny". You're part of an elite club of amatuer boat builders! Enjoy whatever you decide. Everyone who sees it will do the same.

George K

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