How many coats kaholo


I read and re read the manual and count 7 ish.  I am sitting at 5 complete epoxy coats.  there is varnish coming too so i think its enough.  I think its enough but wonder how many epoxy coats you applied to your kaholo board.  Cheers-


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RE: How many coats kaholo

Generally speaking, you only need about 2-3 fill coats for the 4oz glass standard on the Kaholo.  More than that does not add any strength but it does add weight and expence.  You are not looking for a perfectly smooth surface when you add the fill coats, you just want enough epoxy that the high points are still covered when you sand it smooth.


RE: How many coats kaholo

   Thank you Mark.  You are right as it is becoming heavy when i flip it.  I will begin my varnishing coats then.  Your photo is awesome.  I am thinking of a hybrid of some sort next.  My issue is beginning to be storage though between skerry and this.  The build experience is enjoyable though...mostly.   Will figure it out - looking at the cieling.  I What is it you used for a leash retainer?  It looks to be quite nice.  Thank you again.  

RE: How many coats kaholo

Yes building can become addictive.  You might want to go with a full strip design (vice a hybrid) because they take longer to build and you will fill your storage more slowly.

I am a fan of the Suspenze racks for storage.  They have a variety of configurations and can be put on castors.  I roll this one out into the driveway when I need more space for working in the garage.  Rumor has it that I have their six boat rack in a storage unit with my GIS but I won't confirm that.

The leash attachment on the SUP is an XS made by Ropeye.  Here I used four of them in the bottom of a kayak.  I am not sure if you can still buy them in the US (Harken used to carry them) and they are quite expensive.  They are not something that I would buy but I ended up with a bunch of them for little cost.  I had ordered a bunch of (much cheaper) carbon eyestraps that were going out of production.  They got lost in shipping so Ropeye sent these XS instead.  If you go this route, you have to glue them to the boat before varnish.  


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