Varnish Compatability

I had to order more varnish from CLC to complete my WD12. I reordered the Petit 1015 Captain's Varnish but received the Interlux Schooner 96 for some reason. My question is, is it okay to use a different varnish product over my first two coats of the Petit's Captain Varnish?

I've gone too far on this project to screw it up over varnish. Thank you for any input!

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RE: Varnish Compatability

   Interlux Schooner 86 is excellent varnish. I think you'll be just fine. You might want to wait a few extra days to let the Petit 1015 dry fully and then scuff it up a bit by wet-sanding with 300 - 400 grit paper or one of those green scouring pads.  At that point it will be a matter of mechanical bonding (not chemical bonding) on an essentially inert surface.



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