Painting Annapolis wherry

Do i need to do an epoxy coat on the hulll if I'm planning to paint?

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RE: Painting Annapolis wherry

Be a Very Good Idea.

Okoume's not noted for its rot-resistance but it does take to epoxy very well.

Without a waterproofing coat - two's better, with a light sanding in between - the ply under paint (which isn't really waterproof) will degrade over time under the best of storage conditions.

Besides the fact that epoxy makes a fine primer for any paint worth using on a boat. Just make sure you cover all the wood bits with it well, then lightly wet-sand / de-glaze (green or brown ScotchBrite works great too) then thoroughly rinse & dry before painting.

RE: Painting Annapolis wherry

Only if you want the paint to last a long time with little or no maintenance.


RE: Painting Annapolis wherry

the short answer is "yes".  you coat any okoume with epoxy in a stitch and glue boat.  then you paint or varnish on top of that.   

RE: Painting Annapolis wherry

   Finishig the hull epoxy/paint/varnish felt like it took me longer than the rest of the build to get it "right".


3 coats of epoxy + sanding 

3 coats of primer + sanding 

3 coats of Toplac + sanding









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